A New Client Intake Flow

This is How We: RaidFlow :surfing_man:t4:‍♂

  1. New client comes to RaidGuild

A. P2P Refferal / Client lands in Tavern.
B. Form response appears in #Client-submissions

  1. If A. (@Cleric/Tavern Keeper) ensures the client has filled out Hire form on Airtable, then move to 3.

  2. If B. (@Anyone) can pick-up the request and jump in to #Who-is-avaliable and post a request. First people to respond are then moved by (@cleric/tavern-keeper) into a new room under #client-chat catagory.

  3. If devs have any questions for client please connect them directly in this room, (@cleric/tavern-keeper) ensures that spec is clear and sets up 1st team call. Use any video service you desire, we preffer Zoom.

  4. When, First call happens it will be the (@cleric/tavern-keepers) responsibility to fill out the Proposal and ensure the client/devs understand the deliverables, the timelines, and the feedback cycles if applicable.

  5. Once the spec is confirmed the client agrees to the deliverable (@Cleric/Tavern-Keeper) sends Invoice to the client to confirm.

  6. Once client confirms (@cleric/Tavern-keeper) can spin up a Multi-Sig for the first 50% deposit of the total budget. Alt option is to ask #treasury to spin up a safe for the Raid.

  • Note all members of the raid need to be added to the multi-sig, ETH addresses for all members can be found in Airtable.
  1. Once client makes deposit into Multi-sig (@cleric/tavern-keeper) opens a new channel under #Raids catagory, title with client name. Ensure the clients privacy preffernce, all raids can be viewed by all members of the Guild, if client has IP considerations create a private Raid Party members only channel.
  • Note if you don’t know how to configure Discord please ask a @Tavern-keeper for help.
  1. Then post the client spec document and the Client invoice document you created earlier in the channel with a short description of the Raid as the first message, PIN it to the top of the channel.

  2. Depending on how long the timeline laid out in the client spec is you may have one or more meetings per week, ensure that the client knows what resources or feedback they are reponsible for gathering to keep the Raid moving forward.

  3. Once Raid is completed and all assets are gathered and approved by the client (@cleric/tavern-keeper) will send the request for remaining funds 50% to be deposited into the Raid Multi-sig you set up earlier.

  4. Multi-sig split (TBD) 10% of total Raid funds need to be pledged back to the Guild bank. In a new proposal

  5. Once the Raid is completed and all the transactions have been paid out of the Multi-sig (@Scribe/Cleric) can fill out the Retro and share with the #Shill channel.


(# = Discord Channel)
(@ = Roles in Discord)

This is the WIP Document.

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this is great! One thing, I think on the proposal form we should add the spot for finder. so they can get reimbursed or recognized

Great thought, I just updated the template to include #Finder category.

And what reward should the @cleric get for all the facilitation? Should that just be negotiated by the raid team or standard across raids (% of raid budget or fixed amount)?

Personally I think a minimum figure of 10% would be a good general number, unless we are talking raids of $10K + which it should obviously go down on case by case basis. Once again though these are guidelines for teams to consider though.

That’s my 2 wei :slightly_smiling_face:

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Created this client facing document for engagement and expectations of working with the Guild https://hackmd.io/MSRYefp3RS6DFnl_OEM-0Q