Guild Bonds / Ptoken Index

Quick summary of our talks in the round table about personal tokens and guild tokens. Here are the few options.

Option A Guld token (metoken):

Option B:

Option C:

Most of us thought the option of every member having their own ptoken(option C) would be the best for now. This mechanic would work to supplement our current “Pro0f of Work” process. Basically after any paid raid a raider can buy more shares in the DAO, up to 20% of what they were paid. currently this is done with wETH but with this we would also allow people to use their own Ptoken ( ).

Over time this starts to create a kind of ‘index’ fund of all members ptoken distributed to all share/loot holders. this also opens up to potential ‘sponsors’ to take part in this through LOOT (Moloch non voting shares)

there are some down sides to ptokens like possible manipulation by the owners but because this would be many token holders and this is a small permissioned group. it might be fine. also because we are a small group we can play around with this and abort if it seems like a bad idea.

Every personal token would have to be whitelisted in the DAO. So if you want to do that we can start putting up some props for that.

The last bit of this is an idea to get members to sign up. So, for this, we could allow members to have another round of buying shares but only if done with their token. So a member could buy up to 10 shares for the equivaliant of 1eth in their ptoken.Any questions, comments concerns?

discord chat here (#raid-guild-bonds)