Life Cycle of a Project

I would like to make the process of starting raids more standardized and predefined so that the life-cycle of every project is clear. As of now, we have internal raids and external raids to work on where the internal ones are created for the benefit of the Guild & external ones are incoming client projects. The life cycle for these projects are little bit scattered and not standardized especially inside discord.

One may create a channel for client discussions and one may create a channel for internal raids, etc. The status of these projects and purpose of creation may not be known to all unless they specifically take effort to look into them.

What I suggest is, creation of channels must be monitored and need to follow a certain pattern before anyone creates a channel and works on any project/raids. I have made a little visual flowchart for starting a raid :point_down:

Some of the flow can be later automated using bots or other technologies. But at this early stage, it’s necessary to set a universal pattern for projects to be powered up to raids.

How the flow is structured

  1. As the projects are basically divided into internal and external, internal project ideas are born in #rip-discussions or #back-tavern while external project ideas/submissions are first born in #client-arena or #client-submissions.
  2. From there we take it into the Raid Discussions category and make appropriate channels for both internal (#internal-project) and external (#external-project) projects without the prefix raid or rip. Project specs and requirements are discussed here.
  3. Once it’s a go, instead of creating a new channel under the Active Raids category, we rename the current channel in Raid Discussions category by just adding a prefix, #raid-external-project or #rip-internal-project and move it to the Active Raids category.
  4. Once the raid is done, the channel is moved to Closed Raids category. It can be either deleted or kept for future reference.

It’s a rough sketch on the idea but doesn’t need to be followed exactly. All needed is a standard pattern on the process so that it’s easier to follow up :slight_smile:

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