Minion Use Cases 😈

Moloch minion is live!

Initially we’re going to mint NFTs for the minion team and/or the guild. We’d also like to explore more use cases for Minion. A few ideas:

  • manage MolochV2 treasury via DeFi dapps
  • create and/or control supply of a “guild work token”
  • provide liquidity for Uniswap pools of work tokens
  • Your Idea Here!

Beyond high level ideas, understanding what minion can and can’t do will be essential to harvest low-hanging fruit. Creating a technical guide as to how minion works as well as how to interact with it would be really useful here.

So this thread is to propose cool ideas for minion as well as to ask questions about minion :smiling_imp:

here is another good one. A DAO managed 3box profile and file storage

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Got a good one from Ameen

Non-custodial trade on a dex is another one

  1. Withdraw tokens
  2. Swap on dex
  3. Send proceeds to dao

oh and the one @proofoftom is looking into Colony

or another PM idea, we could make a splitter contract to help manage internal raids, have it filled by the minion. Have members of the raid as owners and a vote to distribute funds at raid milestones

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Another use case: Minion could own and manage an ENS contract and issue ens to all members

another one per makoto
I see, so I can transfer the ownership of each kickback event to the DAO so they can collectively make final decision when finalise the event

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Participating in other DAOs