On-Boarding To The Guild

What do I need to know ?

Now that you are a Guild member you can start and join raids. There are a few types of Raids that can be started.

Client Raids = Paid project work from a client usually outside the Guild. Head to HQ and check out the Templates.

Member Raids= Projects that Guild members champion and decide to work on together (Paid or Unpaid)

Internal Raids = RIP, Paid project work that is deemed essential to the success and development of the Guild.

How to start a client Raid ? Talk to the client, Gather detials (Scope of work, Timeline, Budget) find Dev’s in #Who-is-avaliable channel by using @warrior/archer/wizard/etc

Fund management see #treasury channel, we use Gnosis Safes.

Where can I find more resources ?

Who are the members of the Guild ?

  • Head to Airtable for the full member directory with contact info, ETH addresses, and skills.

What are the roles of Guild members ?

  • These are your choices at present, it is up to you to assign these roles to yourself, select as many as apply, now that you are a full fledged member.

If you see a missing role that you would like to add, bring it up in the weekly round-table meeting !


A lot of people have been asking me things like this lately “where do I find out more about RaidGuild, what do you do with the pledged funds, how do raids work”

So I drafted this quickly as a TL:DR

How Doth RaidGuild Raid

RaidGuild is A Decentralized Collective of Mercenaries Ready to Slay Your Web3 Product Demons. Yet, we are even more than that, we are community built around a Moloch DAO, made up of members of many other communities.

We support the development of open-source tools for the good of the human experience. We beleive in the power of open-source to improve coordination and make a positive impact on the planet. Thus, we ship things that we beleive will help expand the use of open-source technologies, we work to create opportunties for expanding the audeince of P2P technologies such a Blockchains, DAO’s, etc.

We don’t just talk about cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies, we use them, build them, and share them with others everyday.

Why Pledge, Where do My Funds Go ?

The reason that we ask members to pledge is to ensure that all members of the Guild have Skin-in-the-Game. The funds are used for internal RIP’s that any member can put up for a vote using the Discord channels and an on-chain vote. All proposal must receive support in the form of rough consensus before being put on-chain, any member will voting shares has the right to block a proposal if they disagree with the proposal or the use of those funds.

Since RaigGuild is a MolochDAO you are allowed to RageQuit your funds at any point in time without the approval of other members.

How to Raid with The Guild ?

There are many ways into the Guild, surely more ways will arrise in the future as we expand. At present these are the easiest routes to become a member:

Pledge: To pledge you must purchase 10 DAO shares by heading to our Moloch DAO if your proposal is approved you’ll be granted the 10 shares you requested and become a full voting member.

Apprentice: To apprentice you must earn your way into the Guild picking up issues in the public channels marked #apprentice. You’re contributions will be tracked and recorded until you reach the minimum amount to receive a single share. From there you will be expected to earn your remaining 9 shares through existing raids.

Members of the Guild play many roles read more about RaidGuild roles here

Why to Raid with the Guild ?

People join the Guild for many reasons, including but not limited to: access to more freelance work, jamming on code with other Web3 dreamers, beefing their Twitter bios, gaining access to the collective brain behind the Guild, tapping into a highly active group of interdisciplinary developers etc

You must decided whether you want to join the guild, we cannot convince you, nor will we try…

What is a Raid ?

A Raid is a cluster of individuals who form a working group to accomplish a set of tasks (Design a Website/ build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, make funny memes etc ) raids can be paid or unpaid. We accept raid requests from clients outside the guild or they can be sponosored by the Guild itself, known as an RIP.

What is a Guild ?

A guild is another name for a DAO, historically a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. / An association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

Original doc, open for suggestions of changes.

Hey Yalor,
Goiing through some of the documents you all set up here. Thanks for doing that! Question…I can’t connect to the airtable - every time I click the link it takes me to my home and not to the Raid Guild Airtable