Raid Guild Handbook Proposal

Hey guys,

I’d like to make a proposal for $500 in funding to give the handbook a significant overhaul.

Here’s my outline on what this will look like when completed:

The goal here is to not go too deep down the rabbit hole as things are likely to change, but rather create a nice framework for us to update as RG evolves.

Some immediate first thoughts:

  • Handbook is only available at the very bottom of the website. I’m not saying it needs to be front and center but people should be able to find it more intuitively.
  • Overview needs a big overhaul
  • Changing “Internal Ops” to “How To’s” for easier flexibility
  • Raid Central (or at least certain aspects like the current engagements) should be made private and accessible by being web3 compatible to track if you hold shares (apprentice task?)


  • Content to be delivered no later than one week from proposal passing
  • Content to be merged no later than a week following it being reviewed and agreed upon by RG members

Closing Thoughts:

  • This is a first sprint to make sure the Handbook is in a good place. I am open to doing a second sprint after if there is an inherent need/desire
  • I recognize the apprentice joining process is still being fully fleshed out. This task is meant to provide content for what we already have in place, with the expectation that this handbook will be updated as the apprentice onboarding process becomes more clear.
  • If budget is an issue, please let me know. I expect to spend ~7-10 hours on this task assuming content, revisions, updates, PRs, merges etc.

Long live Raid Guild!


This will be great, I’m happy to jam on the apprentice section with you. We definitely need a clearer path to membership section that I just started fleshing out today.


Love it! Great plan. You have my bow for any design-thinking/implementation assistance.

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Yea think this web3-enabled webpage for our guild secrets is a real great first issue for some apprentice(s) to tackle. Can help spec that out.

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Yeah in making this outline I recognized it was a rabbit hole that gets deep pretty quickly (r/e content). With that said it’s of vital importance so let’s at least get them to a good place where they’re in the Discord, aware of tasks they can step up to tackle and looking for a champion!

Let’s jam for sure.

I think @Saimano would be a great candidate for this, he made with a web3 enabled portal pretty slick, just needs more direction. I think @Coopahtroopahas already worked with him also ? Maybe we could make an RIP ?

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This is awesome. Thanks for taking this on :crossed_swords:

Oh also, @yalor and I started sketching out some info on the roles, channels, and raids in case that’s helpful.

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Submitted RIP PR here:

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This might be useful to handbook as well, how doth RaidGuild raid :crossed_swords:

Here’s the vote in case anyone wants to burn some ETH