Raid Processes: Account Managers

In collaboration with @sydneylai I am starting this thread to discuss the idea of mandatory account managers for all Raids, at the very least all client raids.

The idea would be that any client raid needs to have an account manager assigned, self-assigned, for it for it to become a full on raid. With that would come a % of the total budget allocated for the project (my recommendation = 10% ) and that number can vary on a case by case basis but I think 10% is a great starting point.

Now to clarify, anyone on the team can be the account manager in addition to their main role or as a stand alone role.

Example #1 Ven = Designer + Account Manager / Dekan Backend Dev / Sam Backend Dev

Example #2 Yalor account manager / Lili = Designer / Ven = Front end Dev

In example #1 Ven would get his portion of the total client budget + 10% for his role as an account manager. In example #2 Yalor would get only 10% and the rest of the team would split the remaining 90% for the actual work done on the client project.

I think having clear expectations for the account managers and having the role be mandatory for each raid will improve our efficiency at handling client projects, it will lead to a more consistent developer experience for the clients, and it will help smooth out the bumps that we encounter along the way.

I welcome feedback and input on this idea :speech_balloon:

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