Welcome to The Guild - Intro Thread 👋🏼

Figured it was about time we get an intro thread going for the Guild :cupid:

Hello all, I’m Yalor currently a standing member of Raid Guild, MetaCartel, and MetaGame DAO (well technically all 3 MetaGame DAO’s) I’ve been involved with Ethereum in different capacities since 2017. Still finding my place in the space as I oscillate between different roles within the Cartel ecosystem.

I’m a full-time community builder (official title “Tavern Keeper” of the Guild) this encompasses many things a few of which are content creation, written, audio, and video. Supporting community contributions and on-boarding new members. My experience as an account manager gives me the biz dev perspective to help things grow, combined with my passion for helping communities come together and make progress toward their goals has been well received in the DAO space.

I’m here to learn from people and projects, to share my experiences and points of view, connect from a heart centered space of collaboration and compassion and dive into anything open-source, society evolving changing that looks better for the planet and the people on it :earth_americas:

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