What does success look like?

@pet3rpan posted a good question that got me thinking about the direction of the Guild, What opportunities we want to pursue as we move forward, how we should approach the sustainable growth of the DAO, and many other things.

I want to start the conversation by getting feedback from other members about their desires and expected outcomes for joining the Guild.

Please answer the following 3 questions in your own words:

What does success look like for the Guild ?

What is your desired outcome for Guild ?

What are the main values of the Guild ?

At a future point we might synthesize these into a mission statement of sorts, or a plan of action, for now just gathering feels :raising_hand_man:

Thank you all.

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Some ideas to get started with

What does success look like for the Guild ?

  • Satisfied clients past and present, display awesome portfolio of projects and contributors
  • Spin up ad-hoc teams to deliver projects with ease and efficacy
  • Retain talent and project flow to support these ad-hoc teams
  • Word of mouth recommendations becomes primary new project source

What is your desired outcome for Guild ?

My main reason for joining Raid Guild is to find others who have complementary skillsets that actively want to collaborate on projects. I can do a lot of parts but end-to-end delivery is going to deliver a stronger product, faster and a guild of freelancers provides that flexibility to leverage advantages across skillsets.

  • Collaborate with other passionate builders that want to ship awesome shit
  • Knowledge share/mentorship is essential to continuing to grow. Like minded folks can push each other to do the best work

What are the main values of the Guild ?

  • (Internally at least) ship early, get feedback often. The guild should be intentional about providing ‘ruthless’ feedback early.
    • Reid Hoffman, “if you aren’t embarrassed”
  • Being autonomous means being proactive about raising issues with deadlines, deliverables or otherwise. No one is responsible to solve your problem but we have each others backs in finding the best resolution to issues raised.
  • Choose solutions with long term intentions, but validate often.
  • Data-driven product and feature development, show the market or user research. Test features before building where possible.
  • Contribute mentorship to 1 Mililon [Builders] initiative (higher purpose) through things like the apprentice program
  • We’ve been going fast in a lot of directions. Let’s strive to go further, iterate rapidly, move quickly.

It would be nice to be able to report on those success metrics and review in round tables.